Juriaan van Hall was born on  April 25, 1962  in Heerlen, The Netherlands. Since 1982 he lives with the painter Juul van den Heuvel. In 1992 and 1995 their sons Rinus and Ramses were born. Jurriaan van Hall lives and works in Amsterdam and also has a studio in the coastal village Noordwijk. In 1989 he founded, together with the painters Peter Klashorst and Bart Domburg the ‘After Nature’ group, which broke up a few years later but had a great influence on the appreciation and rehabilitation of the professional art of painting. His first extensive retrospective exhibition took place in 1997 in the Municipal Museum ‘The Lakenhal’ in the city of Leiden.

Wether we attended the opening of the L.A. Art Fair naked and wearing clogs, or were prematurely removed from the KunstRai (huge Art fair in Amsterdam) because of the indecent behavior of one of our assistants, After Nature has been controversial since its beginnings. A performance by After Nature usually meant great indignation and annoyance, but also hilarity and admiration. We quickly became the lice in the fur of the art world. Not in the least because of the nomadic character of our painters life. What fascinated me was that everything and everyone we encountered received equal attention when it came to putting together a painted report of what we experienced. This allowed me to study people without any restraint, and to imagine dramas or joys in their eyes. These are the things that excited me, how a shoulder is attached or not attached to a torso, how hair grows or does not grow from someone’s head, how you can feel love if you look at someone, or how you can be amazed by a freak of nature. Bewilderment about your own head, which sometimes is no picnic.

The group broke up at more or less the same time as the birth of my first son Rinus. I started experimenting with other media such as computer and video, which resulted in a new beginning on several fronts. This led in turn to an impulse to paint again and to investigate new techniques. What remained, however, was the interest in my immediate surroundings.
I like painting people the most since I’m one myself. It’s therefore close to home. I’m amazed at something so fragile as a human life. I’m interested in extremes. That’s where life manifests itself in optimum form, in that twilight area between life and death. My paintings do not stand for themselves, but are a threading together of moments and events of my life.


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